Kampung Bilit

Welcome to Kampung Bilit

Bilit is a tiny village located along the Kinabatangan river, between Sukau Village (down stream) and Batu Putih Village (up stream) where it tooks approximately 130km from Sandakan City. The villagers of Bilit are the Orang Sungai with a population of less than 200 in this small village. Majority of them are Muslims while some of them are Christians region. Their main language is Malay and most of them do not understand English.

Almost all Orang Sungai make their living from fishing in the river and nearby the Ox-Bow Lake that provides important source of food abundant in fresh water shrimps and fish. Besides that, vegetables plantation will not least as to supplement their diet. The villagers here are friendly with no harm. The Ox-Bow Lake is a safe place for swimming free from estuarine crocodiles. Ox-Bow Lake is a place where rich of biodiversity.

At Bilit, you can listen frequently to the calls of gibbons, hornbills and witness the morning rising of the sun where you can feel the origin nature in the forest. Kampung Bilit is protected from logging to maintain the beautiful forest for wildlife.